Thursday, April 23, 2009

8 Things Meme

Well yesterday my crockpot dinner was only slightly upset by a thoughtful housemate turning off my appliance I must have accidentally left on. Sigh. My roommate moved out yesterday so that means I get my own room! You'll notice my photos are now in my room and not in the dining room--I didn't feel comfortable being in the room with her. (She made it VERY clear she didn't like me.)

Not only is everything spread out, my windows can now fully open, I can study and eat in my room, my yoga mat is spread on the floor, and I can crockpot in here too!! Too bad I need to be out by May 1st so it wont last super long. I am moving to the basement apartment at my parents though, so that's nice too. This just gets the added bonus of no parents coming and nagging. ;)

Anyway, yesterday was super clean. I went grocery shopping with my mum at The Big Carrot; a Toronto healthfood store, and Vanilla was on sale (yay!) as was.. almost anything else I bought. Here's my haul, minus a sweet potato hiding at the bottom of my napsack. Wierd though; they didn't have Stevia. My options were Xylitol and Erythritol. Both sugar alcohols, so not ok for anti-candida, but for my purposes (natural, sugar free) I'm ok. I bought the Erythritol based one, which isn't as sweet as sugar and its noticable, but I don't mind. I bought pumpkin seed butter because not only is it significantly higher protein than most, but the cashew butter I believe could be the source of this nasal congestion I've been having. I'll finish it up, but I think I'm done with cashew butter for a bit. Maranatha Natural raw almond butter was on sale (3.50ish instead of 6ish!) but I don't like regular almond butter (boohiss.. sorry.) and was afraid to waste that much almond butter should I not like the raw version.


I had dinner as planned and later in the evening as a snack I had a piece or two of sweet potato my friend made, some rice crackers with pumpkin butter and cashew butter, and about a dozen grapes and two strawberries... oh and some Hot Chocolate! I'm keeping fruit intake low to cut down on sugar, but I'm not eliminating it since I don't know if I even believe I have a candida "issue." I elimited Splenda from my diet though. None with my tea, none with my muesli, none with my hot chocolate, no diet soda. *Proud*

This morning I had between 1/2 and 3/4 cup muesli (all that was left in the bag, since I got it from the bulk bin at Noah's), four grapes sliced up to sweeten it, some ground sprouted flax seed, and some Earl Grey tea with almond milk. mmm.


Oh and the chickpeas I cooked overnight look lovely and I tried one and its so much creamier than any I've ever cooked from dry before. Going to leave it on for a few more hours just to really get it tender!

Here's a meme I found online, I rather like it!

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
1. Field work
2. Travelling with work
3. Visiting my grandparents in September
4. Visiting California in November
5. Having my own room in my own place, in September.
6. Summer fun
7. Summer FOOD :D
8. Graduate School!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Ate 100% vegan, nearly 100% gluten-free (my muesli might have been processed in such a way that there would be traces.), controlled yummy, yummy portions.
2. Bought a crockpot for $10!
3. Met up with a very nice boy for coffee
4. Got asked out by said boy. (said ok!)
5. Started to learn how to cook with a crockpot.
6. Bought a sleeping bag for the field
7. Bought groceries at The Big Carrot with my mum!
8. Hung out with Shannon and agreed to make falafel today.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Digest soy!!! (I’m not upset about the dairy really.)
2. Speak Mandarin and/or Cantonese (my mum does… I wish I had learnt!)
3. Have people actually understand why eating meat is so bad.
4. Find a way to feed the world. And educate the world. And love the world.
5. Scuba dive. (Certified, its just been a long time!)
6. Run outdoors without getting shin splints!
7. Eat nonstop and look like Jessica Alba. (Anybody? No? Damn.)
8. Research for the rest of my life (working on it!)

8 Shows I Watch: (I don’t watch ANY regularily, but these are ones I have watched and would care to catch up on or watch a ton of!)
1. Battle Star Galactica
2. Star Trek
3. Iron Chef America
4. Ugly Betty
5. Top Chef
6. Friends
7. Undergrads
8. Fashion Runway Canada

8 People I’m Tagging:

1. Kath, from Kath Eats Real Food
2. Ruth, from Plentiful Plants
3. Krista, from Krista's Kravings
4. Hillary, from Healthy Girl Cooking
5. Ricki, from Diet Dessert n Dogs
6. Celine, from Have Cake Will Travel
7. Katie, from Chocolate Covered Katie
8. Hannah, from Bittersweet


Celine said...

ouch, the roomie thing is...ouch.
thanks for tagging me! I'll do it as soon as I get a chance.

Ricki said...

Love the meme, Amanda! I, too, love Battlestar Galactica and STar Trek. And your list of things to look forward to made me smile (AND that said boy asked you out--yay!).

Thanks for tagging me :) I promise to get to it--eventually--just can't promise how soon (that darned cookbook is taking ALL of my time!) ;)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Aww, thanks for the tag! I'll try to do it, I really will!!

Manda said...

Celine--Yeah.. this room has such amazing energy now though, I'm so sad I leave it so soon!

Ricki--Yeah its cute isn't it?! I'm glad you like it, and good luck on your cookbook!


hillary said...

hey manda! thanks for tagging me! i'm glad to have found your blogs, they're both great. i'll definitely keep reading, and i'm excited about the other sites you've introduced me to as well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of me, I really appreciate being tagged! Unfortunately, I'm afraid I'm pretty busy these days, so I may not get enough time to do this meme. I'll see if I can get a spare moment to do it though!