Friday, April 17, 2009

ate SO much

Yesterday I ended up eating way too much.. though I promise I was hungry for all of it, but I know I ruined my diet.

Then my friend and I found a little italian vegetarian restaurant on our walk. We were in the process of looking for a late lunch so it worked well!

They had only vegan and vegetarian foods and the workers there were charming and the chef spoke with a thick italian accent.

It was so har to pick what to eat, they even had risotto pie and sweet potato pie...

In the end we each had a vegan stuffed pepper. It was amazing!

My friend took a photo of me but was really careless about how it came out.. which is a shame because I had to take around 5 of her to get a good one. But oh well, I trusted her and thus did not know it was a thick shade of yellow and badly contrasted until I got home. I fixed it up best I could.

Later I had two egg whites and the rest of the acorn squash, as well as a peanut butter and white chocolate cookie. At the get together I had SO many multigrain tostitos, piles of homemade guacamole, tons of homemade hummus, and a taste of the tostitos dip. Yeah, I ate a lot. And I was still hungry! I split a Well bar with my friend afterwards!

Around sorority girls.. homemade guac doesnt stand a chance. We love to eat!

This morning I was even worse because I couldnt resist temptation and I stepped on my friends scale, I know hers is off but I think its telling me I'm back to my starting weight from the beginning of the week. Oh well... I do have months!

It is so destructive to step on that scale though, I was somewhat upset and overate at breakfast too.. I had a grapefruit and lemonzest luna bar, and then two muffins with margarine and a tablespoon or two of peanut butter...

I've calmed myself down and kicked myself a bit for panicking. I am fine. I am doing well overall. I have a lot of time, and so long as I am healthy and active my body will be fine.

On a more positive note: I found out my lab is sending me to Virginia from the 6th to the 15th. Not only will the road trip be fun, but I get to cook for myself there and collect data in the field and stay at a gorgeous field house and maybe see the capital. In all I'm really excited! I will be buying my own groceries so if there's somewhere I really should beg the driver to stop, let me know. We'll be staying around Winchester, VA ( to be exact) so the less off the route the better.


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