Friday, April 17, 2009


After heading to the library, I was pretty hungry around four and bought a twelve grain bagel with light cream cheese from Tim Hortons' for dinner. Not the most nutritious but I had to study!

After I went home and on my way ran into a friend--he gave me five minutes to get my running gear on and head out for the first outdoor run of the season for both of us. It was amazing.. we left at 7:06 and, minus a 5 to ten minute breaad when he had to buy water and then another small one when he got a bad thigh cramp and said his goodbyes, I ran until 7:55pm. I began my run back but by 8pm or so I noticed my hip and shin were both really aching on my right. I ended up speed walking the rest back and made it home by 8:45pm or so. (We'd taken a long route running)

I ate a cherry chocolate kashi bar as a post run snack and then went to make my lunch for tomorrow (no more pseudo-healthy bagels and cream cheese for me..) I also made something special for breakfast tomorrow (stay tuned for photos of both) and meanwhile had half a cup or so of chickpeas, a few spinach leaves, a carrot stick or two, and a few spoonfuls of plain fat free yogurt.

My body is exhausted, but I'm going to stay up and study a tad more (my mind isn't as tired at least).



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