Friday, April 17, 2009

Emotional Eating

I'm doooing it agaaaain...

So lunch wasn't bad, I had what little was left of the acorn squash (turns out I didnt finish it), some broccoli, and some corn kernels. I then had a SOL soy patty cus I'm feeling mopey and don't care what that soy may do to me. (It was in my freezer and needs to go..). I also had an orange and a cup of cocoa, and cleaned the kitchen.

About an hour later, not even really hungry, I made a big bowl (4 c.) of popcorn with splenda, nooch, and spices. 100% emotional eating. So I'm gonna shower, grab my gym stuff and books, head to the library and then hit the gym. Gotta keep myself from the pantry.


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