Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Following a Trend

Oatmeal is a big favourite in blogland I've noticed, and while I usually have a small bowl with my breakfast I don't often make it the main feature. I decided to go with it today and made a bowl of oat bran with a large banana sliced into it (and a bit to just eat while I was waiting) and some dried cranberries sprinkled ontop. Wow, it was awesome and so filling--I looked up how many calories one could expect to find in just under 1/4 cup of uncooked oat bran and was taken aback to see it was somewhere between 50 and 75.. what?! I'm so FULL. The banana was huge though, I'll admit. I finished the last of my vanilla earl grey today, I'll need to get more soon... and I've really been feeling like baking since reading through everyone's blogs, so maybe I'll do that soon as well.

and a snack mid-morning...



Anonymous said...

I think you might have found the values for cooked oatbran, uncooked is ~150 cals/quarter cup, the same a oatmeal by weight, 150 cals per 40 grams.

Manda said...

by weight its 70 Cal/ 30g says the nutrition label, but I have no idea what 30g is!

I did look up uncooked, as I know cooked is significantly less, but your theory does make sense as to why I was nice and full.