Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Goals,and The Rules

Ok, so I've been through a rollercoaster of weights these past two years. 154 to 128 back up to my current 138 or so. I was happiest with 130, and want to go back to there. It was somewhere I managed to stay without much thought for quite some time, I just feel I need to get back.

Meanwhile, every summer I "get athletic", so this summer should be no different. I'm working as a research assistant instead of a lifeguard for once, so it will be new, but it should be good.

So first of all, my goals:

1. To go down to 130, or lower so long as its via a steady healthy method. (No anorexia, no bulemia. I do have a history of both--they're how I origionally lost weight, which is the only reason I explicitly say it.)

2. To have an athletic (under 20% body fat) body.

3. To feel physically fit. I will consider a marathon or triathalon, but I will not force myself to commit to either; this is hopefully a life decision and learning experience and not necessarily to achieve a proximate goal.

My Rules:

1. To photograph, or at least document, everything I consume BEFORE I consume it. No more eating a full jar of peanut butter with a spoon just because.

2. To only eat when I truly am hungry. Re: peanut butter + spoon.

3. To go to the gym/do an athletic activity at least 5 times a week, preferably 7. My workouts are generally 40 minutes cardio at least, and I'd like to incorporate weight training. Running outside is lovely and I'll hopefully do a good bit of that, plus I am a gym member at the Uni gym riiight by my work anyway, as I'm working on campus. I should get a locker...

4. To eat as healthy and balanced as possible, and stick to my vegetarian diet.

5. To ONLY weigh myself on Sunday mornings at my parents. No weighing imbetween, it's just destructive and makes me obsessive. While this is a major effort I don't want it to be an obsessive goal.

6. To enjoy life nontheless! I want to feel free to go out, have fun, and be a normal individual. This will include the occasional scoop of frozen yogurt or plate of nachos I wasn't truly starving for. I will not "punish" myself, I will just continue from then on with my diet as was.

7. To start tomorrow (Monday, April 13, 2009) and continue until Monday August 31, 2009. In that time I will stick to these rules, post my activities, food, thoughts and musings, some photos and on Sundays; my weight... and hopefully attain my goal weight and fitness level in this 4+ month period. Honestly, 8 pounds in four months is not hard at all and I should be able to do it. So here goes.


hillary said...

GIRL. i am so into your approach. i come from many years of struggling with eating disorders as well, and i think that setting healthy, realistic goals can be especially difficult when you can think back on moments of extreme eating-disordered glee prompted by pounds shed or food binged (forgetting, of course, all the bad feelings that went along that glee.)

by setting healthy goals for yourself and working to achieve them in responsible ways, you are the ultimate inspiration for women who care about being healthy, feeling great and consuming responsibly. excerpts from your blog should be published in every women's magazine!

Manda said...

Wow hillary--thank you so much for this comment! I'm not sure if I'm as great as all that (and its funny how many of the rules you can forget in just under two weeks--photos of everything? No eating if not hungry? Guilty of not doing both today. heh.)

I am trying to adopt a healthy approach though, and I'm so glad you're going to follow me along on my journey! (I'm following you, too!)