Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Green Food Day

This morning I had a grapefruit and a bowl of all-bran. This shower first thing is great: I always wake up ravenous, and my stomach whines in the shower itself, but by breakfast I'm near neutral. I ate only because I knew if I didn't eat I'd later regret it. I also had some black tea.. in the Dad mug. (Maybe I should explain the Dad mug.. it's a mug that holds about 2 cups of liquid which is perfect for me, because one cup of tea seems rather measly.)

I packed up my lunch, had a yogurt and another half bowl more of cereal and hit the road!

My study buddy was 3 and a bit hours late... which was interesting.. but while I was at the library I found out April 15th is Green Food Day! Well, I did well with the Spinach... Oh, and my friend gave me a piece of fair trade organic espresso chocolate.. cocoa camino maybe?

I was ravenous by 3 and had a protein smoothie made with a small banana, some berries, water and a splash of almond milk, sucralose and half a scoop of "interactive complete vegetarian" protein powder. I then gave in and decided to have a really early dinner and then later just have a small snack after the gym. I had two muffins, nuked and toasted with some margarine, some natural (brown bag and bulk kernels) popcorn with some spices and salt and stevia sprinkled ontop, and two source yogurts. After that I was truly full and came upstairs to post this and take a nap.. which by the looks of it wont happen as I need to head to the gym soon if I want to make it to my friends' by 8:30!

C'est la vie! So far so good though, I feel.

PS Check out Hannah's Odwalla Bar Giveaway over at Hannah Eats Finkleberries... time's a ticking and the contest will only be open for a little longer!
PPS Check out Peanut Butter and Juli's Perfect Food Bar giveaway!

Edit: I had a late snack of a granny smith apple and a handful of hazelnuts.

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