Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's still today?

Wow.. I'm exhausted. I read over my blog from day one just now (inspired by a comment by Hillary on my first post, that made me realize that even under two weeks I've deviated from my plans--reading through my own posts helped me reflect so much on what works, what doesn't: what makes me feel GOOD and what makes me feel like crap. What triggers good days and what triggers out of control-ness.)

I'll write my findings tomorrow morning perhaps? I'm exhausted and I need to sleep. I spent the day cleaning up my room (decided that one week or not, it was inappropriate fo me to be living in a room that looked like an empty storage area--my ex-roommate was kind enough to leave me a monster garbage back full of.. garbage, I'd assume, and tons of little garbage pieces all over the floor (you know, broken cardboard pieces, paper, nail clippings, that sort of lot.) I was at first just going to spot vacuum so I grabbed the little handheld dirt buster from the hallway's closet, and ended up doing my entire room and then dusting everything as well (14' by 16'? Not sure, but its big--it was roomy even with two living here) I then rearranged my furniture and so forth. Oh how lovely. I can type and work at my computer, fully open my windows, do yoga, my hair, makeup, crockpot.. I know I mentioned this before but I suppose when its all neat and clean its like doing it at a higher LEVEL.

I then packed up my car (my dad drove it downtown today, for me) with all the stuff I wont really need in the next week.

I had a snack of a few rice thins with avocado and pumpkin seed butter (an interesting, but good combo).
When the chickpeas were done they were a creamy DELIGHT. Oh, I couldnt help it--I had to have a cup right then and there, with a squeeze of lemon and a bit of tahini. Oh my goodness. My dad will be happy when I make these for him--chickpeas are a family love (the town we're from only knows of three beans essentially; chickpeas, canelinni, and lentils.. so we care a LOT about them.)

I decided to have a somewhat early lunch, at around 11:40, since I couldn't resist the chickpeas. I cut up a nice salad and drizzled it with a dressing made with a tad of pumpkin nut butter, some lemon, some balsamic vinegar, and some spices, salt, and pepper. It wasn't a bad dressing, though maybe a little too simple for me. I remembered late that vinegar is a no for the anti-candida thing. Again; not sure how closely I'm going to follow that for now. I think eliminating sucrose, added sugars, and gluten is a good start for now. Taking things step by step isn't a bad thing!
For dessert I cut up 1/2 lb of strawberries, and whipped up a chocolate dip for them--a tsp or two of protein powder, a few tsp of cocoa powder, some sweetener, and some water. It was delicious!!!!!! Mmmmm.
While my lunch was so nice and healthy, for some reason I ended up binging 'dinner' at four... my afternoon spiralled down from there to be honest. I drove my stuff to my parents and ended up eating maybe a pound of strawberries.. all the time I had quite a headache. I realized at one point today I'd used an awful lot of this erythritol sweetener.. pure sugar gives me headaches like this, and it would seem erythritol is no better. I'll use it in extreme moderation from here on in, and in any baking I may do (with alternative flours of course, which Ricki has just told me her upcoming book; Sweet Freedom, features!!)

I did at least go to the gym, and while my body was screaming "no, just let me go comatose" I coaxed it into doing the usual 40 minutes (I broke it into four tens) and am glad I did.. tomorrow will be a better day.

Now, off to set my crockpot for tomorrow's breakfast--steel cut oats. Tomorrow my dad is taking me to Fresh for lunch again

I still have that headache. :(

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