Saturday, April 18, 2009

mmm the day just keeps goin'


I was so productive today at the library--I really feel like I actually learned a lot. Around 4 I got really hungry though and went to the health food store and picked up some peanuts and 3 pitted prunes. I ate the prunes on my way home and then cut up the other 1/2 lb of strawberries, spoonedout a bit over a cup of plain yogurt and a handful of peanuts (about double what you see in the photo.. I got seconds). I finished that off with a kashi bar to make it an early dinner.


And this is me, trying to take a photo with it cus I thought my outfit was cute, and my head got cutoff. Strange I'm putting this up? Yes. Except it makes me look curvy and I like that: sort of reminds me "guess what, if you dont lose weight tomorrow it doesnt matter, you still look damn good." You'd think that's counterintuitive but the thing is, I get so nervous about losing weight when I'm on a diet I sabotage myself (thus the no weighing more than once a week rule..) and I sort of want to just shake myself and say "don't freak out, you're OKAY."

So here's my shake.

PS You can really tell I use my legs a lot in this one... lol..

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