Monday, April 20, 2009

Much Better!

Today was shower-in-the-morning, eat-appropriate-portions, meet-my-dad-for-lunch, buy-real-nut-butter-for-a-steal, good. :D Despite the rain.

As you can read, I took a shower before eating breakfast at 7am.. I just had a scone and a muffin (working through them) and the skins of a cantaloupe plus a bit that couldn't fit in the tupperware. That with some tea and almond milk made for a satisfying breakfast. (I snuck in a few raisins while waiting for the water to boil too, to be honest ;))

Around 12:45 I went with my dad to Fresh, which is just around the corner from me. I got their simple salad and added grilled sweet potato and heart of palm--which I hadn't had since Costa Rica. My dad had the soup and salad and let me try his soup (East African sweet potato and yellow split pea) and have a quarter of his pita with some hummus. It was delicious. I was a little hungry while I was sitting there, but made a note that I would have a snack when I got home, of some fruit or something. Luckily as I got up and walked nextdoor to the health food store my hunger subsided and I just became satisfied. Best feeling ever. I used to eat like that, till I was just a bit hungry, knowing that the moment I walked a bit I'd be fine. Need to get back to doing that!

I had brought my glass jar and bought some organic cashew butter in bulk. SIXTY ONE CENTS. Seriously!!! I'd never tried cashew butter before because a small itty bitty jar of it is like, 8 dollars... this is organic, at least locally ground (though I seriously doubt the cashews are local :P), and just as good. Perfect! Mmmm. I tried a bit with my finger when I was putting it away--so much better than that calorie free crap. Nut butter is nut butter: just eat it for what it is and don't try to get around it.
It was pouring out though, and I got soaked on my way home. Then I realized the tea I'd bought on sale hadn't been discounted on my receipt, so back I trudged to get my $2 (for tea? worth it. Besides I live around the corner..)

OH! And someone on craigslist is selling me a slowcooker for $10. :D Very excited.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! Where did you get that cashew butter for that price?

Manda said...

just Noah's.
I know right? They're SO expensive usually, and even for almond butter it was waaay more expensive (4x) at Noah's than at one of the healthfood stores just down the road, which is why I got cashew butter because that I couldnt find elsewhere anyway...

but yeah.. i took my jar, they tared it, I served myelf a spoonful of the butter and bam.. came up to almost nothing. Using their plastic containers is such a bad idea--you pay for the container, for its weight, and then its not even biodegradable so the rest of the world pays too! (Unless you bring it back, and get it tared next time, in the which case its all dandy!)

PS when are we meeting up for foood and PB2? :P