Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new...

I just threw out the last few pieces of bread I had, what was left of my muffins and scones. The carrot bread I'll save for my little brother; he'll like it. I'm throwing out my margarine too. While this sounds wasteful, for what its worth I found two perfectly good avocados in the organics bin while throwing that stuff out and rescued them (I live in a house of 12, if I havent mentioned, and people are *really* wasteful) and made guacamole--at least I'll have something to spread instead of margarine!

But yes, the why: all this talk of eating well but honestly, what am I doing? I'm eating more carbs than ever, whole wheat or not, slathering on margarine, so on and so forth.

I need to eat more veggies. I want to moderate my sugar intake (though I will still eat fruit: I considered the anti-candida diet but I'm aiming for overall health more than simply anti-candida..) I want to avoid anything rather processed, including splenda. (Yes Amanda, you have to give up Splenda.) I have some left which I'll use sparingly (no more than one packet a day Amanda, do you hear me?!) and I will not buy more this summer. Do you hear me?! No more. (Gulp. It's my crutch and I know it..) Diet cola is going with that.

I need to eat more beans; so long as my body will allow it (I also don't know if I mentioned: soy is something my body will only accept in extreme moderation, beans aren't as bad but they too need monitorig). I need to watch my gluten intake (though again: I don't need to eliminate it; while I'll avoid wheat and seitan, I'll still eat oatmeal.)

The earth gives us so much, let's see if I can appreciate it.. and what better time than in the summer, when nature is virtually throwing it at me.

It's just 10 weeks or so. Get over it!

Wish me luck. ;_;

(Note: I write avoid for most. I'm not allergic to any of these things and so if once in a while I have a treat I'll live. But I need to start viewing it as a treat, and stop viewing it as a staple.)

edit: I hated how waseful I was being, and then decided instead to donate my food to the house rather than just toss it. At least now it has a chance to be consumed.

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