Monday, April 20, 2009

Pulled Pork?!

No silly! It's pulled jackfruit! And gosh how stupid I was to not make this sooner.
This was my dinner--I had the first half of the cantaloupe for a snack. (I also had some frozen SUUUPER ripe banana and a little less than a tsp of cashew nut butter after, mmm... buying bananas that are sold on clearance for being too ripe and freezing them is divine. And cashew nut butter is yummy!)

Jackfruit is amazing. This tasted so good--very spicy though! (I made the BBQ sauce myself! Just vinegar, spices, hickory flavouring and some ketchup) It's


Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich Filling
makes two small sandwiches, or one larger one. calories will depent on your sauce, but an entire can of jackfruit itself is 80Cal.
1 can young green jackfruit in WATER** (I bought Chaokoh brand)
1/2 cup BBQ sauce; homemade, storebought, you name it.

Drain the jackfruit, rinse if you like.
Cook near your lowest setting for an hour, stirring occasionally, until sauce is absorbed/evaporated for the most part.
Let it sit for at least an hour, refridgerate if leaving for longer... most find that jackfruit has an acidic taste but this seems to get rid of it.

When you're making your sandwich, nuke it or heat it on the stovetop while toasting your buns/bread and condimenting them up. Compile and serve. Yummm.
**NOT syrup!!

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