Friday, April 24, 2009

Self Reflection: What I've found Works, and My Ideas as to Why

Here's some trends I found:

1. Setting the tone: morning repause. For me its the shower that makes me wait for breakfast: it's awesome because it sets the tone for my day. If you're the sort that can sit patiently and wait without having to do something, I highly recommend it.. if not: meditate, shower, do the crossword--anything to make your body wait until you're ready to feed it. And then nourish it, well. The point is not to deprave yourself but to set the tone for the day. You are boss. You will eat when you want to eat. Your body can and will wait and it will be worth it because you will treat it well, and you will nourish it, but you won't let it take control. It also lets me more accurately gage how hungry I am... cus at 6am I'm kinda groggy and just let my body go on autopilot when I eat.. which can easily mean 600-1000 calories in one go.

2. Exercise. Increased endorphins, boosted metabolism, a feeling of satisfaction, self-worth, toning and again: control. I told you to jog for 20 minutes so you will jog for 20 minutes, body. Again; not about abusing your body, but about working with it. Coaxing it into doing what you know is good for it. Sometimes it will be happy to go, and sometimes it will be cranky. You need to listen to it as you would listen to anyone you need to care for--but in the end you're in control. Maybe your body really can't do the run today.. ok, we'll speed walk 15 minutes, do some muscle work, and call it a day. It's ok body, you tried. It works the other way too--maybe your body wants to run for two hour straight, but you know if you did that you'd be out for a day or two and would rather not. Who'se in control here?

3. Pep talk and the mirror: avoiding the scale. The days when I look in the mirror and tell myself "you my love are hot." and avoid that scale the way I should--those are the days I do best. Those are the days I don't feel like I need to punish myself but reward myself. I control my diet, I don't overeat, and I nourish my body and I feel like a goddess. I feel like I've got it, and I'm rewarding my body for how well it functions, for how much I love it, by giving it good healthy (tasty) food and the exercise, love and attention it needs. Love is not about SPOILING--you don't give your child endless fudgsicles becuase you love them, you give them organic produce and healthy foods because you want them to be as healthy and happy as possible. You deserve the same.

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