Friday, April 24, 2009

Crock Pot Oats

So this morning I woke up to steel cut oats and oat bran cooking away in my room. Honestly, rather than smell enticing, it was kind of.. strange? Last night I put 1/4c. steel cut oats, 1/4c. oat bran and about 2-3 cups of water, plus a few tablespoons of erithyrol (before I decided I wanted to cut down on it), and half a stick of cinnamon and a drop of vanilla. I turned it on low and left it alone--to cook on low from about midnight last night to about 7:30am this morning, and then to be on "warm" until 8:30am (yes, ME, i waited until 8:30am. That's insane.)

While I was waiting for breakfast time I took a shower, blowdried my hair, took down some laundry from my room and put it in the wash and then folded my laundry that was hanging (yay avoiding the drying machine!) I then went and cleaned the kitchen.

Let me take a moment to talk about this kitchen. With 12 girls living here permanently, and another 18 who have the key to the house and use it as a home away from home, it gets absolutely filthy. The worst are the out of house girls to be honest--they make messes and go home to mom and dad and just leave them for us. They don't mean to--they just dont SEE it. I realized when I moved out how often I did that at home pre-independence. I had always thought my parents were insane when they complained about my mess--turns out they were RIGHT. You just don't realize how annoying it is to want to use a pan but someone else left it to "clean up later" until you move out. That being said, there are a handful of girls who live in this house that are 20 to 24 year old children. Sigh.

Anyway, this house has house chores that rotate once a week. The kitchen gets done twice a week: Thursdy by midnight and Sunday by midnight, the rest (bathrooms, hallways, living room, basement, garbage) get done once a week. If you dont do it on time, someone else can do it for you and you owe them $10. I have done the kitchen virtually every Thursday and Sunday... because I love having a clean kitchen. I also enjoy doing the 2nd floor bathroom (the floor I live on) for similar reasons. The only time I dont do it is if somoene did it on time, which usually only happens if I got exasperated on Tuesday or Wednesday and did everyone's dishes just to get to the sink. Lately I've been doing them almost daily, sometimes twice daily--a certain 24 year old has been especially proliferous at using copious amounts of dishes. I guess the last thing I want to say about this is that last Thursday, when I did the kitchen? Turns out my roommate had gotten a one day extension that I didn't see. She FLIPPED OUT ON ME, and rather than just *talk* to me, which heavens forbid she grace me with her voice, she wrote it like a madwoman all over the chore list. I had to reply "oh wow. Sorry didn't see that. No need to be upset; happy birthday your chore is done." I recieved no reply after that. But she's gone. Deep breaths.

As for my oatmeal, which I was promised would me creamy and lovely from being slow cooked like that... Oh, it was creamy alright--it was a thick rich cream and it was about 2-3 cups worth of it!
I couldn't finish it at all, I had to put almost half of it in the fridge!

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