Sunday, April 26, 2009

This morning I didn't shower, but I did wait until around 8:30 for breakfast. Helps I slept in until 7:40!! Last night I went to a club, had two fingers of champagne and a sip of a friends vodka tonic. Overall I was good--everyone was impressed/confused at my self control.. I'm always like that though, there are one or two times a year I get SMASHED (Birthday... and then some random other one, maybe..) and aside from that I don't really drink. Wine with dinner yes, however.

Anyway, I started off the day with a HUGE serving of steel cut oats. I decided to give my slow cooker one more try, this time without the vanilla, cinnamon, sweetener, or anything-just 1/3c oats and 4/3c water and about 5h of simmering on low, 30 min on high. It was great: the smell that filled my room last time was indeed the cinnamon sticks I believe, which areally aren't that nice when boiled for that long. I added in 1/2 a (frozen) banana, some flax seed (about twice of what is pictured: I added some) a tablespoon of sweetener, and a few almonds and walnuts into half of it. It was geat.. man do steel cut oats EXPAND when you cook the with a slow cooker. I was hungry though and managed to eat the second half: though I'll admit the last dozen or two spoonfulls were a challenge, but for some reason I did it (that was a little silly, but I'll just have a lighter lunch.) I mixed the second bowl with cocoa powder, unsweetened coconut shreds, and a tsp of sweetener. All with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and
a cup of earl grey.

edit: for lunch I ended up eating 3-4 fallafel (it was 3, but I think one was two thin ones that were stuck together, cus I ate them without panfying them! They were delish!) a whole lotta red bell pepper with baba ganoosh, a handful of rice crackers with pumpkin seed butter, and a cup or so of yogurt, with some nuts. Oh and half a banana.

I'm going to head to the gym for a good workout, and then get ready for my evening date. :)

Here's a question: One of my housemates always asks to have some of my food: to try it. Usually I let her: I encourage her curiosity towards healthy, vegetarian foods, but lately I suppose she's been unfortunate in that she's been asking me for things I already had plans for. I don't know how to say no so I end up giving her some, though I try to make it somewhat clear with my intonation that I'm not really happy with it. It doesnt seem to curb her at all. Today I was a little upset because its the last day for the BSI challenge, and I couldn't afford the almond flour I would have needed for the recipe I wanted to do. I spent all morning seeing where I could find bulk almonds to make my own flour and ended up back at square one. I was a little miffed in general while eating lunch, so it was a bad start to the scene. When she asked me if she could try my pumpkin butter I had to reply "It's sort of expensive..." she seemed rather hurt I didn't share, and I felt bad: I realized in retrospect maybe she just wanted a taste, and not enough to spread over her sandwich (she went and got out her peanut butter to do that when I said no, but she might've anyway). I don't know... what do you think? Was I selfish? How can I make amends? :(

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