Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today is looking delicious

So this morning I started off my day with a parfait I made last night. It has 0% plain yogurt, quick oats, frozen berries, maple syrup, more yogurt, and flax seeds. This morning I topped it with a strawberry. Overnight the berries had thawed and moistened the oats so they were wonderfully chewy.. It was an amazing treat. I was still hungry afterwards so I got anther bit of yogurt, added some flax seed (I got new flax seed! Its so wonderfully nutty and NOT rancid.. it says it doesn't need refrigeration?? Works for me..)
I also cut up 1/2lb of strawberries (on sale for 1.66 per lb!) and ate that happily with some tea.

I already have my lunch ready, I packed it last night; a salad of baby spinach, diced tomatoes (sitting in fat free sundried tomato salad dressing) and cut up carrots (I made a carrot dip by mixing some of the fat free dressing with fat free mayo--delish.) I also made a sandwich with rye, spinach, tomato, mayo, mustard, and a chickpea spread--in retrospect I should have used one of the million recipes for mock tuna salad, but I came close I suppose. Chickpea, mayo, lemon, cumin, garlic.. That with a grapefruit: in all I'm excited for lunch!


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