Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a gross feeling.

You know what? Days without exercise and a shower in the morning suck.

I overate breakfast and lunch because of my lack of shower, and I lacked a shower because I didnt go to the gym, and I didn't go to the gym because of stupid shin splints I've had for a few days. *mutter*

But here's what I had for lunch (it was delicious):

egg white sandwich with tomato and mayo. Cooking egg whites for sandwiches is so easy, just pour some liquid white into a cup, microwave for a minute, and bam! I slice them so that they're even heights (and therefore eat a bit right hten and there) and there you go!

I wont describe everything I ate because I didn't keep track. It was a miserable day and I overeate, I promise.

Oh, and I went to get peanut butter and this caught my eye: calorie free, vegan, so on and so forth... It was four dollars so I thought hmmmm!... more like bleeeh. What a waste of money: maybe mixed well into something it'd be good but as a spread, I'd rather my bread plain. Really curbs your appetite though! (At least that?)

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