Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally.. Summer!

Whew, so FINALLY exams are done. Thank goodness!!

Yesterday was my last one.. I started with apple oats--the back one has protein powder on it: I had thought I wouldnt finish a full 1/3 cup of oats for breakfast, but I was wrong. I grated fresh nutmeg ontop of both and goodness, fresh nutmeg is SO delicious. (I hate pre-ground though!)
I packed a salad for lunch, cut carrots, an apple, goji berries and rice crisps as snacks, and potato+oyster mushroom+egg whites for dinner.. oh and yogurt with frozen strawberries!

Today was my first day of work! I started off with some plain oats and some walnuts and microwaved frozen banana tossed in. I finished the rest (I can never eat a full 1/3 cup in one go) plain jane.. and i was surprised at how tasty it was just like that!
I packed a salad with chickpeas in it, a pear, and some rice crisps with 95% low fat cream cheese.. the cream cheese made the crisps not crispy, but apart from that it was good. I could barely finish my lunch! MAY4B
I got home and had a bunch of yogurt and frozen fruit, and chickpeas and tomato sauce. My mom is cooking some oyster mushrooms and green beans for dinner, so that will be nice!

Tomorrow I leave for Virginia, but I'll have my laptop so hopefully I'll manage to post here and there.

Oh, and while I dont know my weight at the moment, a sweater that has almost never fit me right fits perfect. This makes me happy!!

Also.. I am currently seeing someone. This makes me very happy too. ;)

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Krista said...

I like the looks of those cream cheese/rice crisp sandwiches! Neat idea!

Have fun in Virginia!