Sunday, May 17, 2009

She Lives...

Whoa, so I'm back. Life since my last post sped along and I couldn't keep up. So I'll just update:

-I've lost weight. I'm about 131-133 at the moment! I went shopping today and I'm a size 3/4!! I'm rather happy with my body, but since for the most part I'm just eating conciously and when I'm hungry: if I continue to lose weight I wont worry unless it starts to really dip.

-I am currently 19.8% to 20% body fat.. if my scale is correct...!! SO CLOSE.

-I am back from Virginia.. it was a lot of fun but an insane amount of work.

-I love the peppermint chocolate stick lara bar. I found a ton of other flavors at the health food store at Sherway Gardens, but didn't buy them ($2.50 each..! I might break down in order to try the Chai Tea one, but that is all!)

-I had dinner on Friday at Fressen and indulged in the richest, most scrumtious vegan chocolate ganache cake. Mmm. I got a sugar high.

-I am starting a vegetable garden and spent this morning up to my knees in dirt. It was a lot of fun!

-I was going to make flambeed banana crepes for the BSI: Banana, but unfortunately I really just haven't had the time in the one day I've been back to gather the ingredients!

OK! SO since we're caught up, hopefully posting should resume to normal?

Tomorrow is Victorias day! The guy I'm seeing (hereonin to be called "K") is making a stew that is actually me-friendly (I'm impressed..) and I'll make gluten-free focaccia, and maybe some apps for him and some of his friends. Then we're all going to go see fireworks!

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys. I know I've been wretched!

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