Friday, May 8, 2009


So we made it--after 14 hours of driving on Wednesday (I ate very little: sitting doesn't work up an appetite, so nothing to report..) we arrived in Blandy, VA.. Grocery shopping was a blast-so many products I couldn't get in Toronto.. including different flavors of Lara Bars!! I bought any ones I saw that I couldn't get in TO--Chocolate Raspberry, Iced Oatmeal Raisin, and Chocolate Peppermint Stick. I'm excited!...

Thursday started with a run outdoors (30 min)--becuase of the gravel I managed to avoid shin splints. Purely blissful! Breakfast was plain yogurt by "La Yogurt" which I found incredibly sweet despite the lack of sweetening.. on the nutrition label there is a surprising amount of sugar, but the ingredients list no sweeteners (in fact its just skim milk and bacteria..) well anyway, I had that with rolled oats, softened overnight, and almonds. I also had some hazelnut nut-thins with low fat strawberry cream cheese... mmmmm....
I got to work, and broke for lunch--a nice big salad with olives, carrots, egg whites and "Walden Farms Calorie Free Blue Cheese Dressing" to be honest its just the first lower calorie dressing I saw--I didn't realize it as zero calorie until I got home. Luckily this is MUCH better than their peanut butter (what a disaster that was) and I actually quite like it. I also had some hazelnut nut thins with strawberry cream cheese again!
After lunc we went back to work, but we took a quick break to go for a small walk... I got to wear my raincoat (It pours here twice a day!!)
Dinner was a head of broccoli, raw, and some sweet potato, again raw. The graduate student I'm working for bought natural peanut butter with honey, and lacking an unsweetened alternative I took some of that to go with my sweet potato. I used the bleu cheese dressing for my broccoli. I also had a dolmata and an olive or two (unfotographed).
Dessert was one of the Luna Bars--it was just like dessert too. I'm actually not crazy for it, but it was good at the time. I had it with a big glass of almond milk.
I finished the evening with a few fingers of wine.

This morning I went for a slightly longer run (35 min). For breakfast I had a little over half an Iced Oatmeal Raisin Luna Bar, a banana, some walnuts, and 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of yogurt.
I ended up deciding It was better mixed up and smooshed a bit, with some almond milk. Yum. Some of that honey/peanut butter would've gone really well but I had already put walnuts in and didn't want to overdo my nut intake. Maybe tomorrow!

Well, that's all for now--I'll likely post tomorrow morning, if not this evening--work leaves me POOPED.


Krista said...

I'm so jelaous of your American shopping adventures!!!

Cute raincoat!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you with your shopping adventures.

Are you staying in Virginia all summer? Because I thought you would be working at UofT...and I was going to make a PB2 run next week ;_;

Happy Hollow said...

I had no idea you could eat raw sweet potato! How is it that way? I'd imagine it'd hurt my stomach but I have no idea why that idea's in my head...