Sunday, June 14, 2009


So my mum saw the scars on my hand and freaked out.. infront of the entire neighborhood at the neighborhood annual potluck. I told her it was acid, alluding to it being a work accident, but I'm pretty sure at least some of the women in the group caught on past that. That was lovely.

She made a fuss about it today over lunch and my dad asked what it was--this time I told the truth. They want me to go to therapy, and offered to pay whatever the cost, and I think its a good idea to at least try. So I am currently hunting for a therapist/psychiatrist (is there a difference?)


Morgan said...

I'm so sorry that the first incident was public!!

I just told my mom the truth today, too. She didn't react the way I thought she would.

To answer your question: a psychiatrist can proscribe meds and a therapist is basically a counselor - someone to talk to. Both can be immensely helpful.

I completely support you in your decision to seek help. It's an important step to recovery/coping. They'll meet you where you are, but they won't force you to go in-patient.

Morgan said...

how are you, dear? i'm concerned about you as you haven't posted anything since this.

i hope you're finding therapy helpful and it helps you on your way to recovery.