Saturday, May 2, 2009

Busy Day!

And the scale says..... 134.4lbs. That's one more down, 4.4lbs to go.* (For some reason try as I might I couldnt get a fat % reading, just kept Err-ing on me.)

This morning I ate a simple breakfast of leftover rice from last night (I as so full: I ate a TON of campari tomatoes, carrots, and the rest of the baba ganoosh. Thats right I finished an entire tub in one night. I also had sauteed green beans and some onions, so needless to say I could only have some of the rice...) and some tea.


At 10 I have a workout date with a bodybuilding friend of mine. I'm getting him to do cardio (he wants to trim down) and he's helping me with weights. Should be good! We're getting brunch after but honestly, by noon it will be lunch.

I'll spend the rest of the day studying at the library and then at 7pm or so I have my second date with a certain someone. :D

I forsee a good day ahead. Gym, libraries and boys--oh my!


*Though I'm truly, secretly, hoping for 125-128lbs, so 6.6-9.6lbs to go in a way...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ack. 3 days without posting.. really?!

I'm so sorry guys: I keep meaning to, I even have a few rough drafts saved.. the thing is I've had two exams (one which was the worst I've ever written.. and worth 50% of my final grade.. the other I did well on though..) and I've moved these past days. I'm currently exhausted (someone just called and asked for my brother. I hung up on them without a word. It took me a second to realize what I'd just done, find my brother, and get him to find out who it was..)

I just spent the past 9 hours arranging my apartment at my parents'--yes, after eight months at the sorority house, I've moved back. My parents and I love each other dearly, but we clash. (First thing my mother said when she saw me was "your eyebrows make your face look really round. In a bad way." Thanks mom. "Well its true: I wouldn't lie to you."

That being said, I'm counting on my trips to the field, my social life, the gym, this blog, and their trip to europe to keep me sane. I love the new arrangement of my room though, it was well worth the effort!

I do have photos of the past few days' worth of food. So here is another photo-log. I'm way too overwhelmed to properly touch up the photos, so you'll have to excuse them a bit: I really just want to get them up and this post up, so that I can start fresh tomorrow!

April 27th. I was in such a rush studyig I didn't have time to grate my zucchini into spaghetti for dinner, so I made them medallions instead! With past sauce and avocado.

April 28th. Spent the day at the library. Had some apple steel cut oats with pecans and the last of my cinnamon! Yummm.
Made some lentil "tabbouleh" and brought along some munchies for studying on at the library.

April 29th. Studying for the exam that I ended up doing horribly on anyway. I ate at my college dining hall for lunch and dinner. All I have to show is brekfast.
APRIL29A I didn't even have cinnamon. My day was just not good.

April 30th. I got up early to study for my exam today.. started with a bowl of oat bran, as I ran out of steel cuts the day before. It was goopy like the first time, but without the cinnamon it was just fine. Again there was way too much so I saved a bowl for later. I had half a grapefruit with it.
When I got hungry later I finished my grapefruit and my oats.. I decided to spread seed butter and sugarfree jam on it: closest thing to a PbNJ in oatmeal form. It was delish. I was so hungry I ended up having some puffed millet too!
Lunch was a nice big salad, and half a can of Amy's Black Bean Soup.

Did so much better on my exam today!! To celebrate afterwards I went for a walk in Kensington. Bought two whole nutmeg and enough cinnamon to fully refill my cinnamon jar for only 60 cents! I also bought a vintage purse for $15 (mine was getting REALLY ratty) and two pomelo for a dollar in chinatown. I shared one pumelo with a friend at the sorority when I got home (one of the most unlikely friends I've ever had, and one of the dearest... we bonded over pumelo). I also bought a bag of Barbeque Power Pop while I was there, for 99 cents, and was amazed at how good it is. Its gluten free, sugar free, and high protein. Yum! I wouldn't run out to stock up, but I'm glad I got to try it.

Then I went home and all by my lonesome spent the next five hours taking apart my room and packing it into my car. Got home at 11:30 and passed out (after puting the perishables away.) Before I passed out though, I found a letter for me....
Yay!!! Krista sent me two grocery gift cards as my prize for the BMI challenge. THANK YOU!!!! I do enjoy lemons, but I enjoy the fact I can buy fresh ones with these cards. It's hard to find lemon anything without a million pounds of sugar, if its pre-made!

My dad asked me about the contest so I told him about it, and mentioned that I'd been planning on doing the Pastis de Santiago for the almond entry, which is why I had been trying to find almond meal. He seemed to like that I enter these contests: my parents are convinced I'm anorexic, so anything that reaffirms to them that I eat is a good thing.

May 1st.
I woke up at 6:30am and started to sort things, unfortunately I woke my dad up and he came down bleary eyed and asked me to be quiet.. he also asked me if I ever slept. I thought about it and had to admit, I tend to sleep about four hours a night.. though usually I'll nap 1-2hours a day... I hear sleeping is good for you though, I wish I could convince my body to do more of it in one go.
I went grocery shopping for my parents instead, since I saw they were out of milk... I got back at the much more decent hour of 7:30am and took a shower and then had breakky... rice cakes; one with PbnJ (I know I'm avoiding peanut butter, but they have a maranatha jar open and no one else in my family will touch organic PB) and one with 95% fat free garlic and herb cream cheese. I also had a banana and some nuts. Mmmm. I was so full after this, strangely (you'd think oatmeal was more filling, which I'm used to?)
I got to work at my room and stopped for lunch at 11:30 or so. I tried Amy's Sheppards Pie, and had some veggies and tbsp or two of Wendy and Barb's Skinny Dips Baba Ganoosh.
MAY1BMAY1CNow that's quality microwave food. I'm not a fan of not preparing things myself, but on days like today when I'm really pressed for time, this is amazing.

Dessert was a few pieces of those bananas I froze last time, the 6 for 79 cents one.. wow were they AMAZING. Along with a few of those little mandarins I showed you back when, they're sooo cute.
Later I got hungry so I had liberte fat free yogurt as a snack.. I found out why its denser in calories: this thing is thick like full-fat! It was really good, especially with some frozen fruit.
I was still hungry after so I ate some more veggies and dip, and then split the second pumelo (I ate most of it) with my mom.
Finally, my room is done.. ahh.. well, here comes the summer, and I couldn't ask for a more gorgeous place to be than my parents'.

PS, tomorrow is weigh in day.


1. Diet Dessert n Dogs is having a cookbook giveaway!! Her cookbook is gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free. How neat is that?!

2. is having a gift basket giveaway. What I would ever do with all that junkfood I don't know, but I agreed to mention it anyway, so here it is!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Well, my date last night went so well dinner ended up being a few pieces of (wonderfully well) roasted butternut squash (from a rather miniscule salad), a few pine nuts, and half a glass of wine (and my mint tea tasted sweetened, so I only had a small cup to be polite..) Honestly, its not because I was trying to not eat--its because we were so busy talking and enjoying ourselves that I really wasn't hungry: I was too focused on the 'else'. I did realize I was hungry when I got home and drank the broth from the lentils I cooked in my slow cooker, plus had a spoonful or two of lentils, and I ate a few apple pieces as I cut up a granny smith for today's breakfast.

Today's oatmeal was DIVINE. It smelt lovely and tasted even better. I cut up a small granny smith with between 1/2 to 1/3 a cup of steel cut oats, about about 4 parts water to the oats. I cooked that on light for about 7 hours and by the end it was a lot less liquid than usual--but thats ok. It tasted like apple crumble!! Mmm. I didn't need to sweeten it at all, the apple took care of that.. I just added some flax, cinnamon, and walnuts and was good to go! After one bite I was in love. I went out and bought some pecans for tomorrow, because I feel that would taste even better, but goodness--this is YUMMY.

It was so good after my first bite I had to take another photo because I didnt know how else to convey to you my delight!
I had an impromptu snack-turn-lunch at 11:30 or so, so I didn't photograph it. I had the two remaining falafel patties, a tbsp or so of baba ganoosh, a few small clementines, and 3 bowls of puffed millet with cinnamon, and one cup of hot cocoa, plus a handful of almonds and a tsp or so of pumpkin nut butter. It was a little haphazard and random, because I was chatting with friends, but I sure am suffed full.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This morning I didn't shower, but I did wait until around 8:30 for breakfast. Helps I slept in until 7:40!! Last night I went to a club, had two fingers of champagne and a sip of a friends vodka tonic. Overall I was good--everyone was impressed/confused at my self control.. I'm always like that though, there are one or two times a year I get SMASHED (Birthday... and then some random other one, maybe..) and aside from that I don't really drink. Wine with dinner yes, however.

Anyway, I started off the day with a HUGE serving of steel cut oats. I decided to give my slow cooker one more try, this time without the vanilla, cinnamon, sweetener, or anything-just 1/3c oats and 4/3c water and about 5h of simmering on low, 30 min on high. It was great: the smell that filled my room last time was indeed the cinnamon sticks I believe, which areally aren't that nice when boiled for that long. I added in 1/2 a (frozen) banana, some flax seed (about twice of what is pictured: I added some) a tablespoon of sweetener, and a few almonds and walnuts into half of it. It was geat.. man do steel cut oats EXPAND when you cook the with a slow cooker. I was hungry though and managed to eat the second half: though I'll admit the last dozen or two spoonfulls were a challenge, but for some reason I did it (that was a little silly, but I'll just have a lighter lunch.) I mixed the second bowl with cocoa powder, unsweetened coconut shreds, and a tsp of sweetener. All with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and
a cup of earl grey.

edit: for lunch I ended up eating 3-4 fallafel (it was 3, but I think one was two thin ones that were stuck together, cus I ate them without panfying them! They were delish!) a whole lotta red bell pepper with baba ganoosh, a handful of rice crackers with pumpkin seed butter, and a cup or so of yogurt, with some nuts. Oh and half a banana.

I'm going to head to the gym for a good workout, and then get ready for my evening date. :)

Here's a question: One of my housemates always asks to have some of my food: to try it. Usually I let her: I encourage her curiosity towards healthy, vegetarian foods, but lately I suppose she's been unfortunate in that she's been asking me for things I already had plans for. I don't know how to say no so I end up giving her some, though I try to make it somewhat clear with my intonation that I'm not really happy with it. It doesnt seem to curb her at all. Today I was a little upset because its the last day for the BSI challenge, and I couldn't afford the almond flour I would have needed for the recipe I wanted to do. I spent all morning seeing where I could find bulk almonds to make my own flour and ended up back at square one. I was a little miffed in general while eating lunch, so it was a bad start to the scene. When she asked me if she could try my pumpkin butter I had to reply "It's sort of expensive..." she seemed rather hurt I didn't share, and I felt bad: I realized in retrospect maybe she just wanted a taste, and not enough to spread over her sandwich (she went and got out her peanut butter to do that when I said no, but she might've anyway). I don't know... what do you think? Was I selfish? How can I make amends? :(