Sunday, June 28, 2009

i'm ok, promise

I went and met my therapist for the first time today. I really like her, and she's already made some good suggestions for me to try and some very true observations about me.

things with k are going very well, and my therapist pointed out that a committed relationship might not be good for me right now--my issue is very much that i take the weight of the world and put it on my shoulders, and do i really need that weight?

it looks like i found a place to live, in a house with 4 vegetarian girls and a vegetarian (male) landlord, right on campus, so thats exciting!

i'm taking a medical leave from the sorority, and thats a good thing too--at the moment its an extremely negative and stressful place for me to be.

SO, in summary, so far things are going well--I didn't manage to do the 2 weeks but I got close, and since that post I've been rather good for the most part.

I'm also going to keep these updates infrequent until I decide if this is a good idea or not. I might restart with the photos, I also have lots of neat upcycling clothing projects going on... but till then xoxo and thank you for the concern, it means a lot to me.